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Build-to-order Production

Build-to-order Production

Direct sales activities of the Material Processing division


Authorization number: JQA-2303

With the expertise and technologies we have developed over time,
we offer a broad range of products from precision parts to large scale components, and  provide castings, heat treatment, and machining work not only for our own products but for a variety of machinery for energy, semiconductor, and other industries.

Business Line

  • Castings: Gray cast iron (FC), Ductile cast iron (FCD)
  • Machining: Machining work in general (including various types of surface treatment)
  • Heat treatment: Quenching (carburizing, vacuum, induction, etc.), thermal refining, annealing, normalizing, age hardening, precipitation hardening, solution treatment
Product information

Production cases of casting, machining, and heat treatment for various components.


Our production equipment enables an integrated production system for casting, machining, and heat treatment.

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